Hygge, White & Black Style

This Mid Century Modern, Colonial inspired home with its black and white palette has transformed this two bedrooms BTO flat in Singapore into a laid-back, hygge sanctuary for the owners.

Designed by founder and interior designer Kelvin Teo from Space Sense Studio.

The choice of colours in the monochromatic of almost all greyish to white palette makes the house feels more airy, bright and spacious. The clean cut mid-century style creates a casual and relaxing atmosphere. With most part of the house in light tone, visible detailings like the charcoal black accented brickwall on one side of the living room, the white plank ceiling and the TV fireplace adds a statement-making feature to the space.

Our attention to details – Other key features that form the overall concept

  • Using vintage fridge handle as the kitchen cabinet door handle
  • Floating dining table
  • Fire place TV console
  • White wood paneling for ceiling with beams
  • Vintage louvre window as the store room frontage
  • Floating bed with three dimensional bed head panel in master bedroom
  • World map graphic to allow owner to pin the countries they had visited

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