Artistic Origami Influence

Transforming this HDB maisonette into a state-of-the-art interior for a couple working in the artistic industry.

Instead of using conventional concept approach. Kelvin Teo, founder and interior designer of Space Sense Studio has uses Origami as the main concept direction to design this space. A bold and unique

Some of the design key features in the house –

The creative staircase – Turning the staircase into a focal point – Crafting a three dimensional, Origami shape structure as a creative alternative to traditional staircase railing.

The ladder that goes to no where – A creative and artistic way to create a interesting and attention grabber feature.

The kitchen island РInspired by the fold of a paper, origami  was reflected on the kitchen island surface.

The LEGO bookcase – Designed and construct personally by Kelvin Teo. Using LEGO bricks as the surface of the book/ display case add vibrant to the livng space.

The furniture set up – Bold and unique furniture pieces like the paper fold chair, Smeg fridge and Tulip rock chair are part of the interior decor.

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